One could argue that there is no better place in the world to eat than Japan. From fish and wagyu, to the freshest seasonal foods–and the world-class logistics to transport anything and everything anywhere in the country safely and efficiently–Japan is a haven for adventurous epicures everywhere. The images below will guide you through our favorite local places to eat and drink. Find what interests you. Click to learn more and how to visit when you’re in Japan. Be sure to check out stay and explore for hotels and regional experiences, respectively.


Asahiyaki | Kyoto

Four centuries of continuity is remarkable enough. But, while sheer longevity is undoubtedly noteworthy, Asahiyaki, or Asahi ware, stands out from traditional Japanese ceramics in other ways.

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Treasures of Japan – Ceramicist | Midori Uchida

Unlike Uchida-san’s soft-spoken demeanor, her art is known for leaving lasting impressions. Her aesthetic, known as “landscape,” has a pale color gradation befitting the visual spectrum of a distant planet more than anything earthbound. There is an element of mystique to it, like a dream, of something not belonging to

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Buaisou | Tokushima

The farmer-artisans at BUAISOU are the latest heirs to a longstanding tradition. By carefully overseeing the plant through each step—cultivation, fermentation, dye, and design—they bring truth to the words, “farm to closet” clothing.

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