If the mega-cities Japan is world famous for constitute the beating heart of the country, the small towns in the regions beyond are its soul.  The content below reflects a smattering of the city, but prioritizes the country. Find what interests you. Click to learn more about it and how to visit when you’re in Japan.


Shodoshima | Kagawa

A small island with gorgeous environs and an astonishingly productive history, Shodoshima is as worthy of interest as its neighboring art islands.

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Kotohira-gu | Kagawa

For at least a thousand years, Kotohira-gu was the reason Japanese throughout the country made the pilgrimage to Shikoku island. It wasn’t for the udon.

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Iya Valley | Tokushima

The thatched roof village-scape, densely forested topography, and enduring local foods underscore the feeling that Iya is a thread connecting us to a Japan that has mostly withered away. It is where a seemingly lost Japan can be found.

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