The images of ryokan (traditional inns), kominka (old houses), and hotels below display our preference for the small and specialized—places that do not impose on the land, but are part of it, complementing the surrounds and reflecting local specialties. Find what interests you and click on the image to learn more and book your stay. Be sure to check out explore and taste for regional selections and food recommendations, respectively.


Zaborin | Hokkaido

Zaborin sets itself apart as a ryokan by uniting the particulars of modern luxury travel with the tradition of Japanese self-rejuvenation; one’s well-being syncs with the grand Hokkaido environs and the full hospitality of the ryokan.

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Zenagi | Nagano

Zenagi is a three-room hotel designed in a large, centuries-old farmhouse that is as exclusive and luxurious as it is tasteful.

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Chiiori | Tokushima

The Chiiori dream, shared by many people over the years, is to find in Japan a place in the countryside that retains its original beauty, and there to build an eco-friendly community deeply rooted in Japan’s traditional culture.

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Iya Valley | Tokushima

The thatched roof village-scape, densely forested topography, and enduring local foods underscore the feeling that Iya is a thread connecting us to a Japan that has mostly withered away. It is where a seemingly lost Japan can be found.

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