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We love Japan. We Know Japan. Our expertise is at your service.

Japan is more than a destination—it’s a world unto itself. A society and culture
so unique it can be as intimidating as it is exciting. But rest assured, we will set you up for the perfect trip.

Omakase Planning & Booking

Plan and book your entire trip with us, from arrival to departure (and everything in between). All trips include:


  • Discovery call (20-30 min)
  • Tailor-made detailed itinerary with Unplugged Japan in your corner every step of the way
  • Opportunities for unique experiences
  • Curated selections of top stays throughout country
  • Itinerary adjustments as needed
  • Unlimited email and chat support before your trip
  • 24/7 access to our team throughout your travels
The suggested pricing (USD, double occupancy, based on a minimum trip length of one week) below is simply a guideline of trip costs based on the services we provide. Prices are affected by a variety of considerations, such as the time of year, number of travelers in a party, accommodation preferences, etc.

梅 – Plum | $900-$1000 per person per day

    • Trips in the plum category include curated boutique stays, some private experiences, use of public transportation and most days without a private guide.

竹 – Bamboo | $1000-$1500 per person per day

    • The bamboo category includes luxury accommodations, private guides and experiences to supplement days of independent exploration, public transportation and some use of private vehicles.

松 – Pine | $1500+ per person per day

    • The pine category is where the finest experiences and accommodations await you.



What you can experience with us...

Culture and Crafts in the Japanese Heartland

Witness vast mountain ranges give way to sparkling coastlines as you travel across four storied prefectures. Meet the people of picturesque villages nestled in foothills and sprawled across meadows. See, feel, and create crafts as taught by the masters…

Discover Setouchi

The Seto Inland Sea is one of Japan’s most visually and culturally captivating regions. Explore islands of art made famous by creative luminaries, delight in the variety of local foods and customs, and sail through tranquil, dream-like sea lanes sprinkled with islands…

The Art of Wellness in Niseko

Curated collections of art and artifacts, traditional kominka houses, and Niseko’s grandeur celebrate the wonders of nature and culture. Escape the ordinary in Japan’s far north, where some of the finest things in life await you…

And much more...

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