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The light at the end of the roast.


Prepare to upend your routine. If coffee is a reflexively brewed, habitually drunk aspect of your morning ritual, Glitch Coffee & Roasters are certifiably heretical. At Glitch, there is not a thoughtless sip to be had, nor a dark roast in sight. Only super light roasts are welcome here.





What is a “super light” coffee? It is a way of roasting beans with the intention of maximizing coffee’s inherent fruit flavor. Once roasted, the coffee is brewed at the appropriate temperature, which is lower relative to mainstream coffee shops. The result is unambiguously superior coffee.



To outsiders, one of the remarkable features of Japanese culture is the attention to process. A process-oriented approach allows very little to be taken for granted. Over time, there emerged the Japanese sense in arts and crafts that perfection is fundamentally unattainable, yet nevertheless ought to be endlessly pursued.





That same attitude to process and perfection characterizes the roasters and baristas at Glitch Coffee.


The coffee produced by Glitch is no mistake. Their roasters visit local growers around the world, conducting meticulous data-collection on bean cultivation, appropriate storage conditions, and roasting and brewing methods.






Glitch Coffee & Roasters do not seek to shroud their knowledge in secrecy. Rather, they take an open-source approach via their “Share Roaster Project.” Specifically, Glitch Coffee shares its coveted, German-made PROBAT coffee roaster with other coffee shops in order to spread quality coffee to as many local shops as possible. They encourage coffee shops to use their roaster as a timeshare and make their daily-updated coffee data publicly available for the sole purpose of generating a wider community of high-quality coffee lovers.






There is so much to see in Japan; most visits begin, end, or somehow involve Tokyo. We think no Tokyo trip would be complete without tasting what we believe to be one of the highest expressions of coffee anywhere. Glitch Coffee has achieved greatness through refinement, consistency, and a spirit of community. Check it out for yourself.


They’ll be waiting.



Glitch Coffee & Roasters
3-16 Nishikicho, Kanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan



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