FOOD FOCUS | フードフォーカス

Food lovers the world over always have a word to say about Japan. It is a food-obsessed country at all levels; from preparation to transportation to seasonality and peak freshness, Japan is a nation of the gastronomically-inclined who impart those values to each generation. Our Food Focus series explores Japan for the best versions of our favorite foods. Japanese people travel the country exclusively for food. Find out where and why.

Food Focus Vol.4

Of all the things to be admired about Japanese culture, food is an area of playful experimentation and audacious creativity. So wherever you land in Japan, it’s best to prepare your palette and arrive with an appetite.

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Food Focus Vol.3

Udon stands shoulder to shoulder with ramen and soba to form the “big three” in the world of Japanese noodles and is the heftiest of the group. But not all udon is the same. Depending on the region, udon noodles can vary in thickness. Its taste can also vary due to regional differences in dashi soup stock.

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Food Focus Vol.2

Within Japan, discriminating palettes know where to find the best of the best sushi. And no, it is not in Tokyo’s legendary Tsukiji fish market, along Kyoto’s Kamo River, or somewhere in an Osaka backstreet (a city rightfully nicknamed “Japan’s kitchen” for its food obsession).

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Food Focus Vol.1

The sandwich is a ubiquitous category of Western food. They are everywhere, can contain practically anything, and can be eaten anytime. The Japanese adopted the sandwich, took everything they loved about it, and made it theirs.

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